oh horatio

I met horatio five years ago
outside of munich on the way to rome
it was 45 degrees and i could barely breathe
He waved and said hey come sit by me
I was scared at first cos when he spoke it wasn't very soft
he told me about the life long love of his heart
had a t-shirt on that said we're all gonna die alone
I still believe that's true oh i truly do 

he was 22 unemployed with a perfect smile
on his way to paris no i never asked why
his english was as bad as mine but i will
remember those hours for the rest of my days

Postat av: severina

en av de allra bästa. den är min mest spelade i itunes!

2010-04-29 @ 15:11:55
URL: http://severina.blogg.se/

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